Newborn babies bring excitement and joy to their parents. However, their fragile nature might be intimidating especially for first timers. The following write-up will bring you up to speed on how to take care of newborn babies:

Make sure your hands are clean before handling newborn babies. Their immune system is still low as they have not yet been immunized hence are prone to infections. Ensure that everybody who handles your newborn is clean.


Newborns are not able to control their temperature, so it’s vital that they are kept warm and dry. A warm towel should be used to cover the baby as well as a cap to cover the head.

In the first two weeks of baby care give the newborn baby sponge baths only until after the umbilical cord stump falls off. Make sure to lay the baby on a flat soft and comfortable surface. Keep the baby covered with a warm towel at all times exposing only the areas that you are cleaning at that moment. Give special attention to the underarms, around the neck, behind the ears and the genital area. After the umbilical cord area heals, you can place the newborn in the water directly. This should, however, be very brief and gentle as possible.

Be mindful when carrying your newborn and ensure that the head and neck are properly supported. Likewise, when using a carrier, car seat or stroller make sure the baby is fastened securely to limit any movement that could be too harsh or bouncy. It is also imperative that you put your newborn to sleep on his or her back otherwise known as a supine position for the first five months.

Diapers should be frequently changed and as soon after solid discharge. Make sure to clean the area with warm water, a clean, soft cloth and mild soap then apply diaper cream or rash. In case you use material diapers, wash them in aroma free cleansers.

A most fundamental thing for baby care is to feed the new born baby exclusively on breast milk for six months except on rare occasions when a formula should be used. Newborns should be fed on demand which is about every two or three hours or eight to twelve times in a day.


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